Syphon Soul

I wrote this story for my English II class a few years ago. It was on regular paper, after a while I lost it and never saw it again. Recently my girlfriend said she’d seen and read it and said that she liked it, that it was in one of my drawers. I however, could not find it (weird huh?), so I’ve decided to start it anew with what I remember, besides I had shortened it due to a page limit in my class, but here I will just let go.

Chapter 1

Just another day in Chester, Virginia. There was a strong wind blowing forcing its way through the trees, making that noise that a person may hear from inside their house. That howling sound that we sometimes hear comes from outside; a monster is what that sounds like, or like someone is trying to play a prank at us and is trying to scare us with this howl, sometimes I think that if I were to go into that specific howling wind, that I would feel something more. But this is none of those things, and I can’t say if what flies through the air is too, but I wouldn’t doubt that it is, because it’s creepy, and its intentions are unknown. What could it possibly want? Does any good come out from something like it? Or is it just trying to have fun, and if so, what kind of fun?

This thing flew through the wind as if it was its vessel. It moved faster through it, but could move without it. It knew no barriers, no stops, no limits. It flew through the sky, maybe a few hundred of feet above ground. It could fly even higher and lower, but this was it’s desired height mainly because of the view. A plane flies thousands of feet higher and all you can see is the shape of a city or a state, but you can’t even see a specific house from that high. This thing wanted to find people, it loved people for whatever reasons it desired. Today he was flying through one of his favorite neighborhoods, Tarrington Homes. A place with no criminal history where somewhat wealthy people lived. The place was a harmony for families with wonderful neighbors that ask you to come anytime for a drink every time they see you.

This thing flew lower, and reduced its speed and height. This was its favorite type of day. Cloudy, a little dark, windy and chilly, a nice stay-at-home type of day, just nice because a perfect one would definitely be a rainy day. This thing did not like the rain so much, it gave its location away under specific circumstances. It liked to be stealthy unless it knew it got them, or he, or she, or us, then it would really have a blast.

It arrived at a house, its picks were limited. It could not open doors or have any type of physical contact, unless… It stood outside the door, behind a kid about 9 or 10, it moved its arm forward as to ring the doorbell and the kid followed and ringed it himself. Good Boy It thought. The door quickly opened as if he was being expected and another kid the same age was behind the door. “Josh, you bring the game?” the kid in the house asked. “Yes, hurry.” the kid outside said as he went in himself. He reached inside his aeropostal jacket and took the game out. Call of Duty modern warfare 3 was the game, of course. The kid that opened the door smiled and took the game. The game had just been released and it was already successful; and in this moment of awe, the flying, unknown, unwelcome force also walked in the house.

The kids rushed upstairs into one of the rooms to play their new game. their little feet stomping fast on the stairs making a louder noise than if an adult was walking up them. It looked around for a bit on the first floor, for any other people it might have the pleasure of meeting. There was no one there but the kids. It looked at a few pictures, mother, father, a young adult, a kid, a baby and a dog. Too bad the others aren’t here, well maybe the dog. It went upstairs with slow steps, making sure it wasn’t heard, as if. It wouldn’t be heard with all that shooting and grenades exploding all over the room. It went upstairs and saw the door open, immediately it went for the opening and went into the kids room. A blue room, a small bed and a 32 inch flat screen tv, playing an xbox360 the kids sat on the edge of the bed hypnotized by the gun moving on the screen. “He’s in that corner in that building!” one kid yelled. “Ill get him!” said the other, kids working together to achieve a bigger purpose, one of those things that makes us the superior race. I hope you don’t mind if i sit here, it thought as it sat down in between them. It looked to its left and saw the kid there, with ears a little to big for his head, he was still, only his eyes moving fast like a robot eyes would move if a robot were to have eyes. Eye movement is one of the most interesting features of a human, when you really stare down at a person’s eye it seems like the movements are specifically controlled, their movement is not smooth like other features but it’s fast and exact. It was amazed by this and turned to the right to inspect the other kid. This other kid had a litte more movement than the other and seemed a little less robotic.

It opened its arms as if to hug them both… beep beep beep beep beep beep and a grenade exploded in the game as it rested its hands on their outer shoulders, the kids briskly jumped away and looked at each other puzzled. “Stupid, you got me killed!”  one kid yelled. “You shouldn’t have been touching my shoulder you dummy!” the other one yelled back. “I didn’t you dummy! I was trying to get the bomb!” the kids yelled, back and forth. “Stop yelling or I’m shutting that game off!” Someone else yelled from another room down the hallway, a deeper male voice, someone much older. It opened the windows and flew right out of them, breaking them from their hatches and they fell down on the grass outside breaking the glass. A 50 or so year old woman was startled by the sound and hugged her car as if to get protection from the windows. The kids scared yelled and went behind the bed. “What the hell is going on in there!?” the older voice asked as he ran down the hallway to the kids room and opened the door to find an empty space on the wall that was there in place of the windows. The chilly air went in the room.

It flew away fast. Stupid man, how dare you interrupt me? Oh you really were a quiet, what the hell were you doing so quiet in your room? but don’t worry, I’ll be back for you, I’ll get you and I’m going to have some fun with you, I could’ve ended it then but I’m not, because I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. It flew around the neighborhood, looking down at the broken window and the older woman, then around the other houses to see if there were any opportunities around. There it was, a woman taking out a bag of trash. Then it caugh a fast wind, and rode through it, its vessel, and there was that howling sound again, and there it was faster than the usual speed and flew straight through the door, so fast that it closed it, but not locked it of course, because it wanted the woman to come back…


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