Can we start writing again?

Yes we can,

After years of living the 8-5 lifestyle, almost getting married and reaching 30 next year in February 2018. I can say that I have reached a level of enlightenment and opportunities that I had not previously gone for before. You know I was ready to live 8-5 work, get married, have kids and maybe someday retire and look back to my life and hope that I had done well for the people that I’ve met and influenced.

But recent life failures and accomplishments have made me take the second route, and I’m not very sure how it will end. But I’m sure where it will lead me, and that is a life lived to my fullest potential with no regrets.

I’m here to evolve, physically, emotionally and intellectually. So yes I will write again, scary stories, romantic stories, novels, scripts, screenwriting, poems, songs, anything I want. But not only that. I will expand and think outside the box. We live in a technological age where anything is possible. The question is do you want to be ordinary or will you strive for everything and try to be extraordinary?

No time for edits right now, let’s not settle for a lesser version of ourselves, let’s not get home and waste time, let’s get working.



Leave your thoughts.

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