The night I saw my third roommate.

This was a regular Sunday night. I remember Sunday because I usually do laundry and watch Game of Thrones. I usually wait until the last day before work to get all my cleaning done.

So I have a roommate his name is Daniel, and we’ve known each other for over 15 years but really been good friends for the last five years, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at without his influence and I hope that I have influenced him as well.

Daniel was in his room, close to the entrance of the apartment, watching a show or a movie with his girlfriend. The center of the apartment is the living room and kitchen itself along with the dining room and a balcony at the end of the living room. I’m walking from my room to the kitchen, taking dishes, and empty water bottles and what not.

Across my room is the guest bathroom and to the right in between is the laundry where I’m walking back and forth while doing loads and hanging clothes.

I feel like I need to explain my room layout as well for you to get a grasp of how I saw my third roommate. So my bed’s at the center of my room to the wall, there’s space to both sides from the bed around 3 feet wide. On one end there’s a window and on the other is the closet. Across the bed there’s quite some space for whatever I need, So I have a corner computer desk across the bed with two monitors and a chair. When going into my room this would be directly in front of you and most likely the first thing you would notice.

My computer chair is a gaming chair, it’s red and white in the center and the rest is black. with arm recliners that can be lifted up or down depending on preference. I’m sitting in this chair right now as I write this.

So this is what happened that Sunday night, as I walk back from the kitchen towards the laundry I go by my room which is on the right side, the door is open and i take a quick glance in my room and in my chair is someone sitting, who’s looking at the monitor but turns around and looks at me. The best way I can describe this person is he was pale white, unreal white, a male, they had a white shirt, and his skin was extremely white, whiter than the shirt. but he had dark hair and black eyes, No mouth or nose.

So I turn around and continue walking towards the laundry and of course all of this is happening in the span of 1 second and my brain is trying to process everything and when it does… I stop what I’m doing and I lift my hands up to touch my head, fingers between my hair, chills going down my arms and spine and I shout. “Okay, holy what the hell, what was that!?” And I turn back around to look in my room again, and of course now it’s like it was supposed to be in the first place. I shout more profanity trying to make sense of what I saw.

I’m a logical person, and I don’t believe on things that can’t be proven. And the most logical thing I could think of was that my brain made this up, some kind of optical illusion it played on me based on how things were arranged in my room at that point in time.

But another part of me thinks who was that? A ghost? Someone I knew? A 4th or 5th dimensional being that I can’t usually see but that is here, right now, standing behind me? My gut tells me it was me for some reason, it was me looking at myself, from the past or from the future, maybe from an alternate dimension.

Maybe he was watching some kind of video on the computer, and saw someone walk past towards the laundry, extremely pale white, whiter than his shirt, with black hair and black eyes. And looked at him and continued walking. If this is the truth then I can’t imagine how terrified that other me felt.



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