January 19, 2012 – Limitless

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Writers, if you’ve never seen Limitless you have to see it… Now.

Movies are always good. Watching movies often will improve your writing skills. You watch a scene and you think “Hey, I could make more of that.” or “I would’ve done this instead” It might not seem relevant at that moment but it will be in the future, in the near future I hope.

I often write about my day if I have nothing else to write about. But who wants to read that right? I’ll write about anything that I can get a hold of. Oh yeah, so why is Limitless a writers movie? Well I’ve been reading through some posts, and I often catch some writers get that infamous writer’s block. When your mind goes blank and nothing comes up, and whatever comes up seems so stupid you just want to quit altogether and eat something, play a game, or do whatever other things you do to pass the time. Limitless is a story about such a writer who seems like he’s going nowhere.. until he finds a little wonderful pill that we all wish we had, and would all probably try it regarding the side effects.

My favorite part of the movie (and I’ll try not to spoil it too much) is when he starts writing, when everything is clear, when the words are flowing through the screen. If you’re really passionate about writing and have written stories, you can tell which moment that is. That’s the moment that you just type, and type, and don’t stop. You don’t want to stop or get interrupted, you’ll miss phone calls, not open the door, not want to eat. Because that moment may not come back soon. All the words come together into nice structured sentences and all the commas and periods fall in the right place. A writer’s dream is to be able to write this way, everyday. If you can do this, you can get far at it, you’ll have hundreds of thousands of words in a few weeks and out of so much words, something good must have come out of it. Unfortunately for most of us, half of the time its not like that. I for example can write a lot sometimes, but more often than not I make grammatical mistakes. Then I have to go back and edit once I’m done and that holds me back for a while from writing the next great chapter, or starting the next great story.

What the movie teaches us, is to use up every minute of our time doing something productive, anything. Go out, learn things, write, apply for a job, talk to people. All of these things will help you. If you find yourself searching on google… What to do when you’re bored. It’s time to change that. And by the way, when you’re bored you can search things starting with what, how, why, when or who and see what the top most searched things are, you’ll have a blast with what you find. Not that I do that, but I’m just saying.

Anyways, I wrote just a little today, There’s always something else to do, chores to attend. I wrote Chapter 2 of Syphon Soul, I think it’s an interesting name for a story, I bet no one’s used that one. I edited that and Chapter 1, though I’m sure there’s still some mistakes. I finished Chapter 1 of The Bond, but I got lazy and didn’t edit that, maybe Mr. Landon could help me out, best English teacher there is, take it from me. I’ll write about him next time maybe unless something else comes up, he’s the man that inspired me to take writing more serious.

I’ll be spending time with a special someone this weekend so I won’t write much unless I have the chance or unless there’s something brilliant that I have to write then I’m sorry for her. I’ll be sure to write at least a post a day, they help a lot, I can see the words in my head just waiting to be released to this page like in the movie.

– Zogyark

Syphon Soul – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Becky was doing some cleaning today, while watching an episode of The young and the restless. The show had Phyllis and Ronan talking about dropping some charges against some person. Becky was intrigued by this and stopped where she was. When the soap took a commercial break she went ahead and put the rest of the trash in the bag and tied it. She lifted the bag up while holding the can, unusually heavier this time she thought there must be some sort of animal in there. She opened the door and took the trash out. She looked around the neighborhood but there were no people outside today. Must be because days like these are stay-inside days, unless you work of course. Becky had been laid off her DMV job the past summer and had been out of work since. Not that she minded, after working for five years she thought a break might be just what she needed to change from the routine that she had been gotten used to. She would never get a job again.

She heard the howling sound the wind makes and quickly put the trash in the dumpster as if there was something after her. She felt the strong wind coming and going right by her, for a split second she thought she saw something but it all happened too fast. Holding one hand on the dumpster, she almost tripped and heard the door to the house shut. Everything was a little more calm again but she was startled by all of this. She stood up again and took a breath. “Holy shit” she told herself, “I guess that’s why people call it a stay at home day, these winds will kill you.” She was damn right about that one. She started walking fast towards the door, with her hands in her pocket to cover the cold. Her hands were thin and were the coldest part of her body. On a really cold day her body stayed normal, but if someone were to take Becky’s hands out of her pockets and take her gloves off, they would find purple hands underneath. She hated this and was a little self-conscious about it.

She started to open the door and heard that howling sound again, but this time from the inside of the house. She continued slowly and placed her ear on the crack of the door as if to hear what it was. At this point she stopped worrying about her hands and started to get a little frightened of what could possibly be inside her house. She knew the wind had closed the door, but it all seemed too freaky now that she heard this noise from the inside. She opened slowly, a little more, and more… and more…

Then she felt the cold wind open the door, rushing outside as if it was all compressed inside the house with no way out. The door hit her nose and the cold wind rushed outside hitting her head. At this moment she instinctively held her right side of the face, which was against the open part of the door. She felt like the wind hit her face harder than the door hit her nose, even though her nose started bleeding. Her face was red, almost purple and her ear kept pulsating to the beat of her heart along with the loud and continuous sound you would hear out of a hospital heart monitor. The sound of death.

“Ow, what the fuck?” She said to herself as she tried to get back up. Ashamed that anyone would notice her, she rushed inside the house and closed the door. She started rushing to the bathroom for the first aid kit that was there. She turned right past the wall and headed for the bathroom door. She opened and closed it and looked at herself. She looked like if she had been punched on the face, as if she had been in a fight with a neighbor. What’s Nathan going to think when he gets home she thought. She reached out for some cotton to clean her nose and some warm cloth to put on her face, her ear was feeling a little better. She was starting to calm down now and when she did she realized something. She couldn’t hear the television in the living room. She didn’t realize it when she came in a rush but now she did, the T.V. was off when she came in, someone is in the house.

She came out of the bathroom and looked around, a little frightened, hearing that howling sound all over outside the house, it would take a minute or two and then it would come back again, hitting the outside of the house. She was frightened, she grabbed one of those big cutting knifes from the kitchen and held it in her hand. She knew someone was in, why would the television be turned off otherwise. She went back to the living room and looked around, She saw a hand. There was a hand holding onto the sofa as if there was a body behind it. She needed to get closer to see the body, but she knew someone must be there. Then the hand let go and she couldn’t see anyone as if the position she was in could be more inconvenient. She walked closer to the sofa, slowly so her footsteps wouldn’t be heard, however she knew that whoever was hiding behind the sofa must already know she was there. So when she got close enough she rushed, through the left side of the sofa where there would be less resistance. Her heart racing fast she raised her hand that held the kitchen knife tight and ready to strike. No one. No one was behind it.

The television turned on and she heard the power come back on. She was startled, scared to death by this, she let go off the knife and it fell on the floor. She gasped for a second and let out a quick yell followed by her hands to cover her mouth. She started breathing fast. She was sweating, specially her hands. “Oh my god.” She said, relaxing, feeling better. The power went out because of the wind, that’s why the T.V. was off… but that hand… she looked around. The knife was gone! Her relief only lasted a few seconds and she was more terrified than before. There was definitely someone in there.

“Becky Becky Becky” She heard someone talk, “You’re too slow, by the time you figure out one thing I’m already planning the next.. It’s no fun like this.” The voice said. This voice wasn’t human though, it’s an alien she thought at first, the most reasonable thing that came to mind. It sounded like a distorted monster, if a dog could talk it would probably sound like this. She looked around for this person, behind her, and behind her again, that’s where the sound was coming from but she saw no one.

“Please take what you want, but don’t hurt me! I have done nothing to you!” She yelled, then she rushed toward the door. Since she couldn’t find the voice, she figured she could escape, and this would be the best time. The door was locked though, and probably the rest also. “No escaping today, I need to feed.” The voice said. This sent her the chills, her mouth started twitching, this thing whatever it was was going to kill her.

“Show yourself!” she yelled out loud and when she did she felt something, on her waist, lifting up her shirt and sweater, she felt hands with sharp nails feeling up her stomach. “Well why, I’ve been right here with you” The voice said. She turned around and tried to grab the hands at the same time but nothing. She put her sweater and shirt back down. “What the hell are you!?” She yelled in desperation, drenched in fear. “I eat souls, I’m here for yours.” At this very moment she felt something go inside of her, another energy, an entity. She froze, she got quiet, her fear, her thoughts stopped. It was fast whatever it was and what it came to do it was done with. After a few hours of standing still, Becky finally moved again and sat on the sofa. She turned the T.V. on  and sat, not blinking, her eyes were grey now and her mouth started drooling eventually. She sat there watching cartoons until Nathan got home.

January 18, 2012 – First Day as a Teller

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I woke up at 6.a.m.  I washed my face ,I dressed, and I washed my face some more. I helped my 7yr-old brother with his sentence structure homework, something like… El Matador taunted the bull with his red cape. Lately his homework has been doubled by his teacher so he ends up not doing half of it until the morning. Some people would be nervous at their first day of work as a teller. But I’ve done enough to know better than to show lack of confidence at a job, or at anything for that fact. Doubt is a mean enemy that you don’t want on your side. 

To be honest, I didn’t do much for my training. I tried to do as much as I could and offered my help. My first jobs were something like: put this there, cut and print these papers, put these papers in envelopes, put those envelopes in that box, etc. etc. Pretty much a helper boy, it was my first day of training. at 11:30 we played some jeopardy about Christmas (awesome huh?)  and i got 2 out of 10 right, almost three but I don’t know why I picked octopus instead of oysters. What would any of those two things have to do with Christmas you wonder? Take a good guess.

at 12:00 we had lunch break, so I got some exploring to do. You see I work inside a hospital, and my bank is the smallest bank unit I’ve ever seen. It’s a little smaller than a double mobile home. I found the cafeteria and asked my way around on how things are done there, I used to be shy of asking such things, but not anymore. Go figure if you don’t ask and just stand around you’ll look even like a bigger fool. I took my hour and a half break (ehem, I mean hour break) and returned to the office at 1:30. I went inside and my co-worker started teaching me the basics of the computer system that I’d be using. After a few easy jobs, I would watch as they took customers in at 2:00p.m. Yes the bank opened at 2 and closed at 5. So I watched how they did stuff, but these guys were fast. I mean fast as like the skill of a Piano Player when he knows how to read sheet music like if it’s nothing and may place any piece at any time, or the skill of a call of duty player that’s been playing since the first game came out. These guys have had over 7 years of experience and it will be a while until I start catching up with their speed.

Once we were done, I said my farewells and went home. I won’t have work until Monday so I’ll have time to continue on my projects or start a new one since I tend to jump from topic to topic. I noticed the change though. I was busy all day, I came home hungry, tired, with a headache and time went by just like that. I still want to do a lot, I want to write (or do i mean type?), I want to continue searching for online jobs, but I also want to give in and lay down and fall asleep like normal people for once. The average person is said to fall asleep in 7 minutes, bullshit I thought. But today, just for today, maybe they’re right.

– Zogyark

The Bond

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Chapter 1

The first time Daryl set eyes on Stacey was at 5:42p.m. January 2nd, 2012 at the Barnes and Noble next to the mall. Maybe it was the exciting feeling of a new year and the loneliness of the last one that made Daryl so crazy for Stacey, love at first sight some call it, others call it pure obsession. Daryl grabbed a fictional book called “The Five Elements of Power”. Daryl thought he could achieve many things through literature and learning from books. He had tried the most popular music instruments and a various of sports, learned games and tried out about five different languages, in a way they worked, but learning by reading he never seemed to learned the fullest as someone that learned by growing with the art throughout their life.

Daryl then looked around at the tables and seats in the starbucks, he was very aware of his surroundings. Always picking out who might be hunting or giving welcome signals in the book store. Often than not he was always interested in other people wether it were their mood, their attitude, appearance, relationships and such. Daryl often liked to play out scenarios of the lives of people he would randomly see and make out their life. He often liked to go out to his local shopping mall at Ashton and watch people in the Dining area. He would have a blast there, specially on a Saturday afternoon he would see what he would call “humanity at its best.” A few hundreds of people just living, people he wouldn’t see or remember again yet in that moment, they would serve him for entertainment purposes. These people had no idea and never would, nor would they care of secretly being watched. Daryl of course, like any straight man in the state of Virginia, would watch and appreciate the many beautiful women that roamed the Dining Area. But never he thought, like Stacey. Daryl knows a beautiful woman when he sees her, and that day Stacey was sitting at a table that faced the window. Daryl knew she was the one that very moment, in that split second, he scanned her the way only he knew how. Every single part of her body was now imprinted on his head and his blood started to boil, his heart beating fast and his hands started to shake nervously in his jean pockets.

He walked towards her table, decided on what to do and say, yet as he walked closer his will walked farther away. The more he saw her the more he realized how more perfect she was. It was an instant attraction, the fact that he could not nitpick a single defect on her made him more nervous, and it was sad that for such a good looking guy like Daryl to have such problems when approaching women, often not knowing what to say he would ruin the talk by boring out the conversation with pointless questions that women often heard. Well maybe not all women, but defintely the ones he tried talking to. Very few times had his attempts worked and that was because of his good looks and the drunkness of the women, often leading to regrets the next day and if not short-lasting relationships that lasted no more than three months.

However not this time, Daryl would not ruin his chance at the love of his life. If something he had learned during the past years was that if he were to approach this woman in the current state, he would have about 65% chance of failure, 10% chance of a number, with 5% chance of being fake, plus that he would have 5% chance of her answering it and another 5% chance of getting a date. With all the math he figured out he had about 1% chance of sleeping with the woman of his dreams, and he would not let such chances decide this one.

Daryl sat a few tables across from her and took one quick glance, he tried to read for a bit, “tried” because it wasn’t possible for him to concentrate on any words at that very moment, all the words in the book seemed to switch from its first letter to something else such as “ass”, “beautiful”, “cute”, “dream”, “exotic”, “fuck” and so on until the end of the abecedary, then it would start all over again with different words. After that he took out his phone and pretended to text, but in reality he was typing what she looked like. Blue eyes, dark hair, sexy lips, perfect cheeks, sweet, sexy smile. Beautiful, woman eyebrows, long sexy legs, yummy breasts and booty. Then he thought that wouldn’t be enough, a picture would be. At first he was a little nervous he would get caught, but across from the table and lifting the phone a bit to get her in the camera would not be so difficult, not if done quick. Luckily for him his phone was one of the best in the country. With installed GPS and zoom in and out camera he could take High Definition pictures at any time. He took it out and pretended as if doing something on the phone that wasn’t taking a picture, he turned the volume off to shut the camera shoot sound it would make. He zoomed in to get the full picture of her and took it, then turn the phone as fast as he could. Daryl then knew his job was done for now and before the woman left he had to hurry up and leave himself first if he ever wanted to see her again. He got up, took his book and put it back on a shelf that wasn’t where the book originally was. When he took it he pretended to buy it but he would set that back to another day.

After walking through the parking lot and to his car, he got in and tried to figure out if he could see her from there. He then took out his phone and switched to the picture he took of her. “So Beautiful.” He said as he put his index and middle fingers on the phone and try to feel her in the picture, he couldn’t wait for her. He turned on his car as soon as a car left on the other parking lane and went towards it. His new parking spot was just what he needed, it gave him view of both the window where she was at and the exit of the Barnes and Nobles, there was no way she was getting away from him. He took out his phone and switched to video mode, zooming in on her, he took video of her. Smiling he was excited about it, about now being able to have her in movement, he could distinguish her purple dress in which she looked amazing in. He thought about the chances of her figuring that he was watching her but they were pretty slim to none. He was pretty far away to make out from her distance, she was on her computer doing god knows what, and to make out someone in a car and even the phone, you would have to really pay attention to your surroundings and be someone as observative as Daryl was and for someone to be doing that in a Barnes and Noble while reading who knows what was pretty much not going to happen.

Daryl sat for another 15 minutes, then she finally closed her computer and got up from her seat. Daryl surprised of this quickly sat up straight, he watched as she went out of sight inside the store then ended the video and turned his phone off. Daryl then waited, not taking his eyes out of the door, waited for the moment she would walk out, patiently, then impatiently. Another 15 minutes had passed and no sign of her, could he have missed her? It seemed impossible, he started to impatiently tap his foot. It was a bad habit that he had tried to stop many times and often succeeded, but it often came back to him at important events. After 45 minutes had passed, she finally came out the door, by then Daryl had already given up hope and had calmed down. This however, made him sit up fast again and made him stare at her to make sure she was the one. After a few seconds there was no doubt in this mind. There was that tall, beautiful woman, walking down the parking lot into her car. Daryl took note of the cars plate numbers in case he lost her. He then started to follow. (Needs Editing)*

January 17, 2012

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Every time I write the date this year it feels weird, just at the end. 2012 – the year that many people have talked about and the year when all of us will be blown away by an asteroid, or get some fatal disease, or some awful natural disaster strikes the continent. The theories are many and do I believe? Frankly not, but I do not know much anyway. I don’t really get out of my way to research the accuracy of the theories and their claims. If I did believe then I’d go with the Mayan theory that the world ends in december… eh yeah sometime.

I got this blog started today and I see good progress, If I keep this up I will reach 100,000 words by the end of this month, who knows if that’s good or not but at least I know that the work will stay unless the site closes this down then I’ll really be mad. I had to format my computer last month because some virus killed my files and what-not and after trying for hours on saving the bunch of data I had, I decided that it was not worth the hassle and clicked “Yes” when asked if I was sure about it. My computer was as if brand new and my firewall suddenly was renewed (Hey!) though I think that was not supposed to happen.

After reading what I wrote I realized what’s wrong with my writing, which is a good thing. My vocabulary seems very limited, my writing is more like some writing directed towards teen more than professional writing. In a way I don’t feel bad because I don’t want to confuse people with over-complicated words that sometimes makes something hard to read. I also realize that I make many errors in grammar and sentences and crap, it’s been a while since I’ve taken a writing class so whatever skills I learned have temporarily disappeared  from my mind. But will come back slowly… hopefully.

It was a good, productive day and that was good, I went to JcPenny and got some clothes for my new part-time job that we’ll see how long it lasts, after a long time of looking for a job I finally get something, and hopefully I earn my full-time place. I’m not really a dress-well type of guy but if i have to I will, I feel different with these new clothes and not in a bad way. I feel like I have more class, more power, more confidence.

I will end this here, I still have stuff to do, things to get ready, and try to get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Good Night.

– Zogyark

Syphon Soul

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I wrote this story for my English II class a few years ago. It was on regular paper, after a while I lost it and never saw it again. Recently my girlfriend said she’d seen and read it and said that she liked it, that it was in one of my drawers. I however, could not find it (weird huh?), so I’ve decided to start it anew with what I remember, besides I had shortened it due to a page limit in my class, but here I will just let go.

Chapter 1

Just another day in Chester, Virginia. There was a strong wind blowing forcing its way through the trees, making that noise that a person may hear from inside their house. That howling sound that we sometimes hear comes from outside; a monster is what that sounds like, or like someone is trying to play a prank at us and is trying to scare us with this howl, sometimes I think that if I were to go into that specific howling wind, that I would feel something more. But this is none of those things, and I can’t say if what flies through the air is too, but I wouldn’t doubt that it is, because it’s creepy, and its intentions are unknown. What could it possibly want? Does any good come out from something like it? Or is it just trying to have fun, and if so, what kind of fun?

This thing flew through the wind as if it was its vessel. It moved faster through it, but could move without it. It knew no barriers, no stops, no limits. It flew through the sky, maybe a few hundred of feet above ground. It could fly even higher and lower, but this was it’s desired height mainly because of the view. A plane flies thousands of feet higher and all you can see is the shape of a city or a state, but you can’t even see a specific house from that high. This thing wanted to find people, it loved people for whatever reasons it desired. Today he was flying through one of his favorite neighborhoods, Tarrington Homes. A place with no criminal history where somewhat wealthy people lived. The place was a harmony for families with wonderful neighbors that ask you to come anytime for a drink every time they see you.

This thing flew lower, and reduced its speed and height. This was its favorite type of day. Cloudy, a little dark, windy and chilly, a nice stay-at-home type of day, just nice because a perfect one would definitely be a rainy day. This thing did not like the rain so much, it gave its location away under specific circumstances. It liked to be stealthy unless it knew it got them, or he, or she, or us, then it would really have a blast.

It arrived at a house, its picks were limited. It could not open doors or have any type of physical contact, unless… It stood outside the door, behind a kid about 9 or 10, it moved its arm forward as to ring the doorbell and the kid followed and ringed it himself. Good Boy It thought. The door quickly opened as if he was being expected and another kid the same age was behind the door. “Josh, you bring the game?” the kid in the house asked. “Yes, hurry.” the kid outside said as he went in himself. He reached inside his aeropostal jacket and took the game out. Call of Duty modern warfare 3 was the game, of course. The kid that opened the door smiled and took the game. The game had just been released and it was already successful; and in this moment of awe, the flying, unknown, unwelcome force also walked in the house.

The kids rushed upstairs into one of the rooms to play their new game. their little feet stomping fast on the stairs making a louder noise than if an adult was walking up them. It looked around for a bit on the first floor, for any other people it might have the pleasure of meeting. There was no one there but the kids. It looked at a few pictures, mother, father, a young adult, a kid, a baby and a dog. Too bad the others aren’t here, well maybe the dog. It went upstairs with slow steps, making sure it wasn’t heard, as if. It wouldn’t be heard with all that shooting and grenades exploding all over the room. It went upstairs and saw the door open, immediately it went for the opening and went into the kids room. A blue room, a small bed and a 32 inch flat screen tv, playing an xbox360 the kids sat on the edge of the bed hypnotized by the gun moving on the screen. “He’s in that corner in that building!” one kid yelled. “Ill get him!” said the other, kids working together to achieve a bigger purpose, one of those things that makes us the superior race. I hope you don’t mind if i sit here, it thought as it sat down in between them. It looked to its left and saw the kid there, with ears a little to big for his head, he was still, only his eyes moving fast like a robot eyes would move if a robot were to have eyes. Eye movement is one of the most interesting features of a human, when you really stare down at a person’s eye it seems like the movements are specifically controlled, their movement is not smooth like other features but it’s fast and exact. It was amazed by this and turned to the right to inspect the other kid. This other kid had a litte more movement than the other and seemed a little less robotic.

It opened its arms as if to hug them both… beep beep beep beep beep beep and a grenade exploded in the game as it rested its hands on their outer shoulders, the kids briskly jumped away and looked at each other puzzled. “Stupid, you got me killed!”  one kid yelled. “You shouldn’t have been touching my shoulder you dummy!” the other one yelled back. “I didn’t you dummy! I was trying to get the bomb!” the kids yelled, back and forth. “Stop yelling or I’m shutting that game off!” Someone else yelled from another room down the hallway, a deeper male voice, someone much older. It opened the windows and flew right out of them, breaking them from their hatches and they fell down on the grass outside breaking the glass. A 50 or so year old woman was startled by the sound and hugged her car as if to get protection from the windows. The kids scared yelled and went behind the bed. “What the hell is going on in there!?” the older voice asked as he ran down the hallway to the kids room and opened the door to find an empty space on the wall that was there in place of the windows. The chilly air went in the room.

It flew away fast. Stupid man, how dare you interrupt me? Oh you really were a quiet, what the hell were you doing so quiet in your room? but don’t worry, I’ll be back for you, I’ll get you and I’m going to have some fun with you, I could’ve ended it then but I’m not, because I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. It flew around the neighborhood, looking down at the broken window and the older woman, then around the other houses to see if there were any opportunities around. There it was, a woman taking out a bag of trash. Then it caugh a fast wind, and rode through it, its vessel, and there was that howling sound again, and there it was faster than the usual speed and flew straight through the door, so fast that it closed it, but not locked it of course, because it wanted the woman to come back…

First Post

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So this is the first post ever, currently a newbie. I hope to be writing stories, reviews, articles, and other interesting stuff here. I guess I’ll start out by introducing myself. I am Gerardo G, but will be known as Zogyark because well, this is the name I gave the domain. I am a college student who works part time, 23 years old, I’m hoping to speak to the world and write to the world and if the world hears me then I will write some more. Right now I will be exploring the tools that wordpress has and try to fix my domain which I type but it won’t take me to my page for some reason, bummer -_- so back to that, this is it for now, farewell.